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Praxis 2 Math Test

Praxis 2 math test is the right test to take for teachers in certain states. However, what about the calculator use on praxis 2? Which calculators are allowed and which ones are not? Dependent on the level of the test certain calculators maybe allowed. For example in certain states you can use ti-89 praxis 2 calculator. The calculator is made by texas instruments company and facilitates users to solve quadratic equations, derivatives, integrals, find slopes and other relative information that may be presented to you on the praxis 2 math high school test. So if you are trying to take a test for let's say high school grade level, then it's a good idea to invest some time in studying architecture of the ti-89 calculator. There is currently different models available of ti-89, including anything from the basic model of ti-89 to titanium, not much difference from my perspective, other then moreintuitive physical interface, but other then that the operating system looks similar to any other model. I have compiled several praxis 2 math videos that can help you, on your journey towards becoming comfortable with the test.

Why is it important to use this calculator on your test? Well that's simply because it's extremely powerfull tool which is allowed for use on the official test. Unless you know how to use it, it might make a difference between a passing and a failing score. The amount of time that's given to you on the praxis 2 math test some times, might not even be enough. It all depends on your pace of work, how quickly you can answer questions. I know for fact that when I take tests I always gear towards the one and simple question "am I correct?" When trying to solve for example quadratic equations, sure you can use your brain and try to follow quadratic formula or factor it out or do any other tricks you are capable of doing from your college years. However, all of these techniques take time. You need to know if you solved that equation correctly, you need to know if you found that maxima or minimum correctly. So what do I recommend, I can recommend reading ti-89 manual that would definately improve your chances. However, manual might not make sense unless you actually know the content knowledge material. Therefore, praxis 2 math videos, might very well be your best bet to look at and see how easy it can be to get familiar with the concept of graphing calculator for praxis 2 math high school test.